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SSAW MILL(Φ219mm-Φ3500mm) Spiral shaped,double–submerged arc welding pipe production lines (Spiral Weld Pipe Mills Φ219mm-Φ3500mm )are the most important products of the HAOKUN company. After many years of exploration and constant improvement,our pipe welding techniques,equipment and technologies have been the leading position of the dometic industry. Our company has been the most reliable and loyal partners and friends of pipe the manufacturing firms. Very recently,we signed a contract of double-submerged arc spiral welding pipe mill with domestically leading high iron grade up to X80,Φ406mm-Φ1422mm ,with Yangzhou Tongya Pipe Co.,Ltd. The Spiral Welding Pipe Mills designed and manufactured by our company have formed a very diversified and serialized product range.From a forming process's perspective,the products can be divided into:External Control Forming and Internal Control Forming. From a mill production process's perspective,they can be divided into: Accumulator Pit Stored Welding Material,or Backward Swing Machine Unit and Forward Swing Short Machine Unit in Welding Tractor style with continuous production capability.Diameter range of final pipe line products could cover anything between Φ219mm and Φ3500mm.Our products meet API-5L,GB9711.1,GB9711.2 Standards. Our company also assists pipe line manufacturing firms in layout,planning and design of products and manufacturing process,and we also supply complete stes of equipment for spiral welding pipes production.